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Weird messege from admob ?

Guys something weird is going on with my admob account, 10 days ago i received a messege in admob panal saying "
Payment for $32.58 by Wire on 2013-09-4, complete"

And today it changed to "
Payment for $-32.58 by Wire on 2013-09-16, complete"

What is this negative thing ? I dont get it whats going on… :frowning: anyy help ?

I think, Admod try to get their money back.
I dont even got my july payment.

Another case of how utterly crap their support is.
-Late payments, AGAIN.
-Weird payments of less than people’s actual revenue earned.
-Upgrade is a totally botched process with tons of people still not having access, or only partial access.
-Now this is happening too!

ALL of these issues could be solved if they had real support.
The only way you can reach them is by their Google+ page (no guarantee that they will reply and is a total mess of multiple user’s comments on their posts)
or EDIT: Contacting them via their fill-in form seems to be reliable now.

Is that based on your own experience? Because I’ve filled in those forms twice and both times I got an answer in about 24 hours.

Yes, a few times. Admittedly it’s been when there were system-wide issues, but still I only had to resort to that form of contact because Admob provided no announcements/memos etc whenever there was a large issue with their system.

I’m sure if the issue is isolated to you or a small number of people at that time they will answer faster.

What sort of issues did you have when you contacted them?

The first time it was about the high number of clicks from the ‘unknown’ location that many people, including me, experienced.

The second time it was about an error I’m getting when trying to update.

The second time they also asked me to try a few things and then email them back if it still wasn’t resolved, I did that and got a reply again after less than 24 hours. I’ve contacted them by replying to those emails a couple of times now and each time I’ve received a reply very soon after the email was sent.

The reason I asked was because a lot of people seem to think that the AdMob support is almost non-existant without having any experience themselves and just trusting what others have said about it…

Fair enough! From what you’ve said they seem to have stepped up their game in that department then.

I’m really happy with the new version of Admob and I’m glad to be using it over the old one when I see how many issues are arising with it now.
If their support is much better now too, then great!