Weird Email regarding Mobile partnerships with Google

Hey to all. I got today a kinda weird email from ***** . They’re asking for contact information of the person in charge(me) of my apps development and administration in order to talk about Mobile partnerships with Google.

I already use AdMob in 2 of my apps(for like 1,5 months), and I’m still not sure how long will I survive with them because you never know when the ban hammer will get to you and I’m waiting to receive my first AdMob(the new one) payment within 1 week (plus some AdSense earnings).

Anyways, did you ever got a similar email? The sender’s email looks legit and it really seems that it’s someone from Google, but not sure what they want if I’m already using AdMob :smiley:

Maybe it’s because of the new transition from AdMob to smth different from Google?

Please share your experience(if any) and thoughts :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s something which fits some of their other projects - or Google Glass ?

I assume when they want to “feature” then they explicitly say that. If the contact request is from some other Google division, I would assume then they would be contacting you like any other company (i.e. not through Admob/Google Play etc.).

Well not sure what this is all about, but surely not Google Glass and not to be featured(it’s a good app, but not that good :smiley: )

Anyways, I sent them the contact details(mine). Hopefully they’re not looking for this information in order to ban me :smiley: