Weird App Download Behavior

Hi there,

About a year ago we released a game. Since then I’ve noticed very strange download changes. Maybe you know why or have experienced something similar.
In the first month our daily downloads increased day by day to 1500 downloads daily on the 30th day, after that they decreased to 600 a day. Well, thats pretty normal so far.
After 1 month keeping those daily downloads they suddenly started growing day by day again over 3 full months until they reached 4000 downloads daily. After that they suddenly decreased very quickly to 2000 daily downloads for about another month. Then the next sudden change; they suddenly dropped to 600 daily downloads in a very short time and keeped those amount for another 4 months. After this they suddenly decreased again from one day to another to 200 downloads a day. till now this amount is steady again for several months.

Here a screenshot of the mentioned sudden changes:

It was just a game, so we shouldn’t have suddenly faced any special competitors and we also didn’t release any app updates when this happened. What exactly is the deal with this?

I would say that google changed their searching algorithms. Analyse your app on appannie and try to work on description

Google has self learning algorithms. Don’t rule the possibility that your game was being displayed in the similar list of some top game and it recently stopped appearing the list. Also check appannie for keywords performance in the past

Thanks for the help. I took a look at appannies keyword ranking, but the rankings only decreased after the downloads were already lowered, so I don’t think this was the reason. Also, if google changed something then, all of us should have noticed a smaller or larfer sudden drop or increase.
It might be really the case that our game suddenly disappeared from one other suggestion list. That system would be really powerful then. I guess there is no way to find out which game/s linked to us?

Hi Steve

Just FYI, we had exactly the same pattern applied. One year ago we published our game - chart looks pretty much the same. We put a lot of effort to fight with download drops but nothing worked well for us.