We cracked the secret of Google Play/ AppStore landing page optimization!

My team created solution to measure and increase the conversion of your mobile landing pages.

Have you heard about optimization of landing page of the app? I mean A/b testing of screenshots, icon, price of your app in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Sign Up for private beta http://onetwosplit.com/?utm_source=web&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=validate_hypothesis&utm_content=making

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interesting concept, can you get into details of how it works behind the scenes?


  1. App developer uploads description, screenshots, icon of the app to the OneTwoSplit.com
  2. Our service creates 2 special html landing pages, that has similar UX to Appstore app pages. The 1st is an original page and 2nd is a variation.
  3. OneTwoSplit gives app developer special link yo both landing pages. That link split traffic to the 2 landing pages in equal amount of visitors.
  4. App developer fill the special link with ad traffic (using facebook ads, adwords, mobile ad networks, cross promotion). At least we should collect 3 000 visitors.
  5. Due to the similarity of OneTwoSplit landing pages to AppStore pages we can track the behavior of the users and tell app developers which variation of landing page works better.

Would you like to try our beta? Just leave your email on our landing page and I will contact with you : )

that sounds great, but I was under the impression that your service would a/b test my GooglePlay listing… not a third party hosted landing page.

it is a good idea though, even thought its a workaround essentially.

You can a/b test your Google Play page with this tool - raisemetrics.com