Wave Music Player - Completed after 1 year of hardwork while working a full time job

Hi All. I finally released my first independent android app. Here is the link


Intro - Little bit about me. I am 23 and started my first full time Software job last year (not Android). I was first introduced to the Android platform in my last year in college by two of my friends who asked me if I would like to develop an app with them. I agreed and I immediately fell in love with Android. I used Eclipse then. We made a very simple Compiler app. Since then I have learned a lot.

Motivation- I read about Chris Lacy’s Link Bubble somewhere on the web and tried it out. It was a fantastic idea and a great app. I saw some of his other apps and I was determined to make an app that people will use. The idea of making something that people use everyday was so satisfying and exciting. Due to my passion for Music I decided to make a Music Player.

Although one would find lots of Music Players (which play local files) on PlayStore, I feel that they can still be made way better than how they are right now. Lots of amazing features can be added around data learning and user experience which I think most local Music Players miss.

My aim is to make my app the best Music Player on playstore.

Development- I started developing this app last year around this time. At that time I was still a beginner. The start was a bit difficult and setting up a foreground service to play a music file took a while :smiley: But with time the pace increased.

Around Novemeber I completed a very basic app that could play music and didn’t look like complete shit :smiley: But I didn’t feel that people will use it. Mainly because of its subpar design. I took a break and started again this year. I realised that I couldn’t add out of the box features yet, since developing alone is a time taking process, specially when you have a full time job.

So I decided I would have all the important features in my first version that are expected from a Music Player like:

[li]Equaliser[/li][li]Widget Support[/li][li]Tag Editor[/li][li]Folder View[/li][li]Sleep Timer[/li][/ul]

Each of these features took time. I didn’t expect to have all them in my first version as they looked a bit advanced to me. But then I decided to have them all, as my aim was to make my app a complete package and the best music app.

UI- Coming to the UI. The UI was always an issue, I was never satisfied by the UI of my app. This was one of the reason why it took me so long to release it, although I did take many breaks in between. I moved from one Ui to another always frustrated, in search of better designs. I asked my friends for review and they said they were just average. This was not looking good.

But finally after trying many changes and seeking suggestions I reached a state where I was happy about my UI.

While developing, there were many points when i got stuck on a bug. Stackoverflow was always my best friend but I faced many problems where not much info was available there. These were mostly device and Android version specific bugs, and they were not documented. But I managed to solve them all after lots of thinking and debgging. Solving each such issue was very very satisfying. I never felt like this in my full time job.

Conclusion : I finally released my app yesterday. I must say I am very happy. It would be great if you people can take some time to check out my app. If you have any suggestions please tell me. If there are bugs please report them. And finally if you like it please rate it. I would be looking forward to your feedback. Thanks a lot friends !!

These are the key features as of now, with time I am going to add a lot more

[li]Enhanced folder view of all music files[/li][li]Built in 5 band equalizer with bass boost and 10 amazing presets[/li][li]Edit metadata of tracks, albums,artists, genres[/li][li]Edit album arts with the images of your choice[/li][li]Sleep Timer[/li][li]Widget Support[/li][li]View your recently added, recently played and most played tracks[/li][li]Swipe to change songs on play screen[/li][li]Search music by track name, album name and artist name[/li][li]Lock screen controls with full screen album art[/li][li]Support for standard local music file formats such as mp3, wav, flac, ogg[/li][li]Flat minimalistic design[/li][li]Browse and play music by songs, albums, artists, playlists, genres and folders[/li][li]Sort your songs by track name, artist name, album name, duration and date added[/li][/ul]

PS: If you have any questions feel free to ask them, I would love to answer them :slight_smile: