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WARNING : Stay away from Airpush

Hello developers

I am posting this thread because I don’t want any of the developers here to suffer like us.
I want all the developers on this forum to learn from our experience with Airpush.
I want to notify it to all developers that Airpush is a fraudulent company.
They suspended my company’s account just a day prior to payment release saying that we have violated their policies.
This could happen to you too guys.
They will eat up all your hard earned money.
Rather switch to any other ad network.

There was no fraud on our end at Airpush, only publishers committing fraud who get upset when caught, and try to place the blame on us.

This rep Nick is a jerk who runs a fraudulent company Airpush.
Airpush banned us without notification and reason just a day prior to payment release.
How many developers have you scammed Nick?

i think the only way to settle this is to be as transparent as possible and give us the app, the screenshots, and the amount not paid. and community will judge for themselves.

Been using AirPush for over nearly 3 years with no issues, all types of apps.

Seems a bit suspect that you joined the forum just this month @karendominguez and every post you’ve made is boycotting AirPush.

As @toxic has said, best thing to do is to be transparent. If you were violating policy, then it will be clear.