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Warning on Revmob's latest SDK v6.8.2 which gather install apps on device

I found a list of installed apps is uploaded to revmob’s server in the latest SDK v6.8.2, while this action may violate Google Play’s Policy.

See what just happend on HeyZap:

So, for the safety of your Apps on GP, please DONOT upgrade your revmob SDK version to v6.8.2, and I’m still planning to use their v6.7.0 SDK which I can guarantee that they didn’t gather the install apps list in this Version.

As have you checked this?

I have some apps with this SDK since December, and I have not received any notice.

Has anyone contacted revmob regarding this?

Yep, I tracked all the outgoing traffic of my game with the 6.8.2 sdk, the installed app’s List is embedded in a sub-json body with key name “installedApps”

For the GP’s notice, I got the notice after using HeyZap’s sdk over 7 month, they just check your apps randomly.

The most rediculous thing is that they upload this list each time you show the ad, just imagine the outgoing traffic if your have apps installed more than 50.