WARNING for all Exchangers : Reviews directed from this forum don't appear

I have noticed something;

All the reviews who have ranked my app directly through this froum didn’t show up.

While those who ranked it through exchange via personal emails did show just after minutes.

It seems that Google has flagged any ratings from users coming directly from makingmoneywithandroid.com

A better way for exchange is to keep it discreet, let’s exchange our emails through Private Messaging, and not through posts; and we exchange the Google play link via emails not via posts nor via Post messaging here.

We should make sure the we clicking the link inside our email.

So let’s start, PM me your emails, and I send you my app link to your email directly; then there in email we do the rating and download exchange.

Let’s create a huge email-community for exchanging.

Could be a idea to go through an anonymous referrer like http://href.li/ aka - https://href.li/?https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KewlieoGames.BrawlerBall

I have actually heard of this before. Do your early reviews sourced from MMWA forum still appear?

To be honest I’ve not requested any reviews from anyone here so far, so can’t really comment on if it works 100%. But I’ve seen this tactic on other forums before for outgoing links so no real reason why it shouldn’t work.

I would send my links through email it not a problem.
So if you want to pm me your links then go for it