want to know why my threads are not visible

want to know why my threads are not visible

Looks like your threads were being auto-moderated due to too many links. Your code included some URLs which were being picked up by the software as potentially spammy.

Would you like me to approve one of the “invisible” threads so it’s visible to everyone? Or did you already get your question answered?

thanks david.
i have got the solution by mrBruce.

thamks a lot.

i will try not to put links in my future threads.

No problem. Links are ok, just not too many :slight_smile: I don’t recall the exact number which the spam filter uses… but if you find your post is being hidden, just give me a PM and I can approve it for you.

i mean to say that i have initiated 2 threads

  1. Regarding Setting
  2. “list item is.not highlighted upon selection”

thread 2 is still open :frowning: