Want to exchange good rates and reviews for your game/apps?

Hi everyone,
I’m an indie developer and currently I’ve got an Android game which is in need of reviews and rating.
I’ve got about 5 Google account and can give your app/games 5 stars rating + review, to exchange rates with my game to boost app download together.

Please comment your game’s link if you also want to exchange rating.
Here is my app:

Ill give you 4 five ratings check out the comments.

this is my app ->https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tiarsoft.ponyrace

Thank tiarsoft,
I gave your app 5 stars rating and comment under the name Dung Pham :wink:

Thank you, i already give you 3 ratings, with name gerardo arellano, yayo arellano & perdido perez, when i get my brother phone i will give u the last rating. Also i will not uninstall the app. Actually i like it =)

I have rated your app 5 stars so now please rate my app



I’ve rated your app too, could you please rate mine?

Btw anyone that wants to exchange a review, just send me a message

I installed the game and gave you g+, 5stars and positive review as Mateusz Gaweł. Please do the same for my app.



I installed the game and gave you g+, 5stars and positive review as NovaCreo. Please do the same for my app. Thanks!

funny game :slight_smile:
in which engine you made it, if I may ask?

I used andengine

Thank you,
Just Rated and reviewed under the name Dung Pham!

You have my five stars for your game:
My Gmail is Pascal Monnier

My app:



Given 5 stars, would you please rate my app “Piercing Fine Bodyart” - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spaceodigicom.piercingfinebodyart&hl=en


Please Review and give 5 star to my app and i will review and star yours

I gave good reviews and 5 star for your app please give me some good reviews and good star

i have reviews and 5 star for your app please give me good reviews and good star for my app

“Sulyman Usman”

[email protected]

You guys should read this thread about what you’re doing here: How Google Play Values Reviews (Get Real Exposure)

Well I have tryed different webs for app reviews exchange but the best one is appreviewss.com by far.
Is free, totally fair exchange and really easy to use.

Good luck!