Want Offerwall Ad network for apps which not published on GP

We have Apps which not published on GP.

We need use offerwall to monetize, any suggestion? Thanks :)

Alex, Adscend Media allows you to use our Offer Wall WebView or API if you are not published on GP. I believe the SDK will also work but will need to check on that.

For offerwalls, Tapjoy is a good partner.

What types of apps do you have? Can I ask why you are interested in offerwalls only?
Rewarded videos, interstitials or native ads have a tendency to monetize better than offerwalls in a lot of situations. Happy to chat about this more if your interested.

skype: garethleeatwork

I do want to add, Tapjoy is a good partner but we are doing things different here.

First - we have innovative ad models that none of our competitors have focused around video, market research, and branded campaigns. Not just app installs which pay less & less as the days pass. So, we make you more money period.

Second - we pay developers weekly, I don’t think anyone really does that.

Interstitials/native ads are OK imo - they are like a staple because they monetize at very low ecpms but if you can garner a large amount of impressions, it’ll generate nice profitability. You have to remember, interstitials/native ads take away from the user experience whereas rewarded video & offer walls add to it. Your best bet is a combination.

You can use the AdGate Rewards offer wall to monetize your app. You can choose to use our SDK or just a URL. Setup is generally very quick. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

Sounds like you’re pretty sold on offerwalls, is there are particular reason why? What kind of app or apps are you trying to monetize?