wallpaper apps ?

Hello everyone, i wanted to know you guys whom developer wallpaper apps, is it really worth it ? do you make revenue from it ? i have developed many apps in which i make good profit from, but i thought i wanted to get into the wallpaper category, and second i want to ask you guys what kind of servers do you use to send the images to the users ? or do you all put the images local ? thank yooooou

You have to make like 50-100 lwp apps a day in order to make decent revenue, so you really have to bust your ass doing apps and forget about the rest of your life, But once in a while you catch a break and will have one go viral but it is like hitting jackpot on lottery.

Hey Hitman_544,

At Airpush we have plenty of developers doing well with Live Wallpaper apps.
I normally suggest using our Bundle 2 SDK for 3rd party markets. This SDK pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA opt in wide wide ata $50 eCPM. With this, you only have to worry about getting the install and agreement opt in, and don’t have to worry about live time value of a user or their engagement with the ads.


Airpush Nick

Hey buddy, thanks for your help, can you please tell me if you use a serve-side thing to send the images to the app ? or do you put them locally ? if so what kind of server do you use ? thanks