Wallpaper apps and copyright

I have been confused by this burning question that has been inside my head for ages now.

How are Wallpaper apps allowed to be on Google play store?

I have had an app banned because of “Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy”.

In the app, I had lots of disclaimers stating that I do not own any of the images e.t.c and if one of the images used in the app violates someones copyright, then I gave an email link for them to tell me which image it is and I would remove it promptly.

But my app still got removed for violating copyright?

Then I look at some of these apps:


How are these not banned as well? How are these apps allowed to use thousands of images without violating anyone’s copyright? #

if anyone could explain, that would be much appreciated.

Explanation: competition is reporting on you. Nobody is reporting on the competition.

Use those images in your app which have no copy right. When you search images from any search engine to use in app then you can see copyright tags. If you are using images from search engine then make some changes in those images or you can edit them.