Hello community

recently our puzzle game was terminated along with our google play account due to www.w3i.com aka www.NativeX.com offerwall which we use in our game as coins just like tapjoy

google closed our account and the reason was w3i aka NativeX offerwall showing offers which are against google terms

we send the message to w3i and they said it is not their problem and today i get email that they do not send us the money we made in last 6 months
we have been scammed over 5700$


please use tapjoy instead of w3i aka NativeX

The claims made by the anonymous user ‘gamedev’ are baseless.

  1. Upon further investigation, I was able to identify the identity of ‘gamedev’ and this individual had no contractual relationship at any point with W3i.
  2. Despite having no contractual relationship with W3i, this individual went forward and launched unauthorized advertisements from W3i which were primarily driven using artificial means.
  3. Upon learning of the existence of this unauthorized implementation of our advertisements which were driving primarily artificial traffic, we notified the developer that no payment would be made.
  4. W3i has never had a developer rejected by Google for violations of their developer policies.

If any developer has questions, please email W3i co-founder directly [email protected]. In addition to answering any questions, I am happy to provide references from any number of popular Android games which are live with W3i today.

the problem with w3i aka NativeX is when someone people use you app/game on emulator of android they will classify your whole account with this criteria that this account is involve in fraud practices , there are thousands of people who use our app on actual devices and on emulator too but if you have any problem with emulator why don’t ban the emulator devices to not show any offers? instead of filtering the developer account that it is generating fraud? we use tap joy, flurry and apparently they have protection for this too they only deduct the money from developers account which is generated from emulator devices

our user base is above 25k if a percentage used our app on emulator only the emulator amount should be deducted but also those offers should not show on emulator on the first place
we track our user device id and platforms
flurry analytics
Google analytics from all these places as we have see our app was used on emulator but it is some how our fault? no we did not invent android emulator for windows

i advice other developers they just talk big , i dont want anyone to trust me but you can use them for yourselves but be sure once if your app is used on any emulator you can say bye bye to all the money you have earned

in the mean time visit or type in google “w3i scam” or Let me google that for you and is w3i.com a scam or fake site ? |check w3i.com reviews for fraud and risk | is w3i.com dodgey safe and legit |is w3i fake

and check this too http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/w3i.com

and all above they have not done this on the mobile they have been doing this for a long time on website offerwall check how many people get a virus from their offerwall search Google

and please don’t say that we invented google to make this kind of accusations

Gamedev how much you earning from them? Is it really worth your time posting accusations against a company? Come on man, just move on to the next …

it is 6K not 200$ that can be forgot
btw we know we lost money on this scam company i am posting here to warm fellow developers
as there are very better alternate of w3i.com like tapjoy, aarki, flurry, everbadge
even everbadge considering as a new company is better than w3i

Can you give me your Skyper or yahoo, I want you to help me one of the problems
thank you

pmed you please check