VisualTAP - Promote and monetize your Unity apps with 3D AD Screens

VisualTAP is the solution for you to monetize your Unity based iOS & Android app in a unique and absolutely user-friendly way.

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Integration Guide & Unity Package : FREE VisualTAP SDK Download
The VisualTAP Unity integration takes you only 2 minutes and your app monetization is ready to go!

We are proud to introduce the world’s first mobile 3D advertisement technology for Unity based apps.
VisualTAP helps you to monetize and promote your apps in a unique and absolutely user-friendly way.

VisualTAP provides dynamic advertisement on 3D Billboards in thousands of Unity3D apps worldwide.

Simply import the VisualTAP UnityPackage, place the 3D AD Screens into your game scenes and maximize the revenue of your fantastic app.
Let your users discover other apps in a natural and non-harassing way additionally to all other ad-networks you’re already using.


Let your users discover other apps in a natural and non-harassing way.
VisualTAP is designed to maximize the revenue of your app additionally to all the other ad networks you are using.
It works without the necessity of game-breaking Pop-Ups to ensure a nonstop game experience of your users.

You want promote your app in a unique way to boost it to the front of the app stores?
Easy, you don’t even have to integrate an SDK!
Promote your apps across our network and acquire millions of high quality users!
With the use of specialised audience-targeted campaigns VisualTAP will provides you exactly the kind of users you are looking for.
CPM, CPC and CPI are possible. Target your audience by genre, age, gender and country!
We support iOS Appstore, Google Play, Amazon Store, Samsung Store and many more.

You have more then one app and you’re thinking of Cross-promoting these?
Fantastic - we give you the opportunity to cross- promote your own apps for free.
Show your users the variety of your apps and make them love your brand!

We partnered already with major developers and we also want you as our business partner either to promote your apps or to increase your revenue stream.

Please take a look at our Integration Guide & Unity Package : VisualTAP SDK Download

Features of VisualTAP:

  • easy to integrate UnityPackage
  • track bootups, installs, impressions and more
  • promote your product in thousands of other apps
  • maximize your revenue with virtual billboards
  • free campaigns across your apps
  • stunning new ad experience in a user-friendly way
  • Oculus Rift support (Unity®)
  • many more benefits for you

Download the UnityPackage now: FREE UNITY SDK DOWNLOAD

If you have any questions about how VisualTAP works, please contact me via PM or on this thread!

Awesome. How about support for other engines ? Ive looked integration guide. Dont see anything.

Hi PiGravity!

Thanks for your interest.
I’m curious what other engines you mean?

To generate revenue with VisualTAP your app must be developed with Unity as the screens are Unity-Engine based objects where the adverts are streamed on.
If you like to advertise your app you can do that, even without using any SDK or Unity!
You can try this out by yourself, just register your app at the VisualTAP Dashboard.

Thanks and have a nice day

Visual Tap,

How much is the eCPM and also provide breakups based on region

As the integration of VisualTAP Ad screens can be very individually the eCPM may very vary from app to app. Best eCPM results can be experienced when placing VisualTAP AD Screens somewhere into the main menu or as an interstitial as part of loading scenes. The earlier the user sees the Ad screen the more likely he will interact with it and generate you some revenue.

I start to use VisualTap almost 1 month ago and in that period

in the same app

AdMob revenue was $1200+
VisualTap Revenue $65

I have placed VisualTap ads all over my game scenes but I am not satisfied from the revenue :frowning:

Hello droider im intereted too in adding VisualTap my my app (
Are you still experiencing the same proportion?

Yes , and since that post i got $60 dollars more. So it is useless . I don’t recommend it

I’m using adtomatik for the last two months ago and got very good results, higher fill rates and best ecpm than others ad networks