Virus detection rate: StartApp vs Airpush

I’m using mainly these 2 networks and I receive too many reviews that my apps have virues and most of them (if not all) are for StartApp.
I’ve got bad reviews for apps with StartApp+Airpush & StartApp-only, but not for Airpush-only.

So I’m going to remove StartApp from my apps and put Airpush everywhere.

Does anyone noticed something like that or only for me Airpush is more anti-virus-friendly?

Topic applies to StartApp full-integration and Airpush notifications. Banner & interstitials are ok.

I use The startapp exit ads and have yet to get a single bad review or review that says anything about virus detected.

Sorry for not mentioning it. I’m talking about StartApp full-integration. You’re right that exit-ads shouldn’t be detected as virus.