Hello guys, we got a few offers from investors and we’re discussing it thorough. In this case,We are offering vines showing off your game/app.

120k followers account-$500(including our instagram page)

500k followers account-$1,000(including instagram page)

1million followers account-$1,900 (including instagram page)

3-6million followers account $3,000 (including instagram and Facebook page)

Take in mind that Vine works with Revines, meaning one person shares the vine and all of hes followers watch the vine. Example: I have 5 followers.these 5 followers got 200k followers each. That means 100k followers just saw the vine from someone who had only 5 followers.
But instead we are offering accounts with million of followers.

We already vined one with an app called kingbachybird that was released a 3 days ago and I believe it got thousands of downloads already if not more.

Pm me if you’re interested.

Wow very interesting offers , but I don’t think I can pay such money!

Well this confirms that you were the guys that the flappy bird developer used. Either that or you’ve created your own version.

Since kingbachybird is on iOS, do you have an Android case study to show us? An app or game that used your deal that you can verify.

Like i said before, we helped flappy bird get popular, aside from flappy bird, hot or not app wants a vine every now and then.

Who seriously believes your bullshit?

Flappy Bird was pushed to the charts on Jan. 10th, so your post screenshot is 3 weeks late:

Additionally - what does DeStorm Power have to do with you, why are you showing a random screenshot from his timeline?
He’s a singer and comedian who even won the American Music Awards and I’m pretty confident he is not associated with you:
[DeStorm Power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia](DeStorm Power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)