Video review from App eggs or not?

I am considering to buy a video review from App eggs. They say that they get over 1,500,000 monthly visits. They also says that video review could help users understand the app more intuitively and translate visitors to downloaders. They say that video review spreads very fast in video sites and search engines; it is also one of the most effective ways to promote the app. Most successful apps are using video reviews to enhance their publicity according to them.

Has anyone here tried a video review from App eggs and if so, did it pay off? I assume that the promo video that they make can be used as the app video on Google play. App videos seem to be more and more important these days.

I got the same letter from them when i released my game. So i just took a look at their game video reviews and the view count was very low. Take a look at this game. Lola’s ABC Party Android Video Review – - YouTube Been over a month and has only got 446 views. I own game video (the one you link with google play) that has been for a month already and has gotten over 25k views. So for that reason i decided to not invest money because i dont believe in the return.

Also their video review does not seem to be a review at all. Its just a gameplay video and no one is talking.

That is very interesting to hear! So you made your own promo video for the game? Or did you hire someone to produce the video?

you can get videos done from fiverr at 5 bucks only

Thanks for the advice, but I want to have a real professional video, not a video someone makes in 5 minutes for 5$. I have video editing software and I have made some own videos (not sure if it is allowed to post the links to them here?). I think some of them are quite good, but they are not really top notch videos.

Do you know a good company I can contact for making a professional video? I don’t want to pay more than 300£.

Oh no no. I just made a 1 minute gameplay video in fraps with my computer :slight_smile: Little Truck Parking 3D - YouTube Not very professional :slight_smile:

I think the visual quality of your video is good, but it is misleading with the mouse pointer and the camera icon. Did the video generate more downloads?

Yes the mouse pointer bothers me too but this was the only way i know how to create the video. I tried to record straight out of my phone but it did not look so good. I have no idea if this video helped or not because i released the video with the app at the same time.
But video was a very good indicator for me on how many downloads i could get per day. Since google updates once in a day i used that youtube video count to predict if my downloads are going to be higher or lower today. Like one day i got 1500 views and another day i got 400 views. It was a very good way to prognose my download count.

App Eggs seems like a scam company to me, I would get as far away from them as I could. I get spam email from them every time I launch a game offering those review services.

Totally agree that it seems like a scam company. I was stupid enough to believe the email I got from AppEggs was authentic:

Dear Needham Dynamics,

I’m Sara, from AppEggs is one of most popular app review sites.

Since 2011, over 1000+ developers have cooperated with us and 3500+ apps have been recommended to millions of visitors. 400+ apps have over 5,000,000 views via our video reviews.

I’d love to review your app “SAT Vocab Master”, and recommend it to our homepage. If you can introduce more about SAT Vocab Master ( e.g. unique selling points compared to other similar products ), we can also do video review.

Could you send me the information as soon as possible?

Best Regards,

I gave Sara an in-depth response (stupidly believing she would do the review for free!) explaining my concern that my app’s UI & design were below-average (I’m not a designer). Her follow up made me extremely skeptical when she said my app “has extraordinary design features which deserve to be displayed in a video review. So people will view and like it more.” and said the standard package costs $299.

Can anyone confirm they got this same email (with their developer name / app name the only difference)? Just to see if they truly are mass-sending it to every developer.

Yep. I got the exact same letter. Looks like she (or robot) copy pastes the same generic letter to everyone.

Awww… and i thought she really liked my app :smiley:

Awww… she even liked my horrible app. :slight_smile:

It gets worse. She’s a he.


They are spammers. At first some time ago I got 1 email and like others I responded describing my app etc, but then they asked my to pay for review.
Last days I got spammed on all my emails (which are available on Google Play) for almost all may apps. I only can say: stay away from this company they are scammers. May be they will write review/create video, but their numbers are far from real audience.

Do you know any other company, which promotes app videos? I am not looking for someone to produce the video, I already have that. I am searching for a good place to promote app videos.

I also got the same mail from Sara, by the way…

App eggs has a good reputation on Is safe ? - Scamvoid.

Their website gets 17 000 daily page views and >8000 daily visitors, so they seem to attract a reasonable amount of visitors:

Maybe they are spammers, there does not seem to be many other companies who promote app videos? Or do you know any better alternative?

Yes, I got the same emails, too.

They first wrote they want to review my game A and I replied that I want them to review game B (which a better variation of game A). Their response was the same you got: “has extraordinary design features which deserve to be displayed in a video review”. So they continued to talk about game A when I suggested game B.

Might be a bot sending those emails.

Yes, they are spamming, but what are the alternatives when promoting a video? I am ofcourse going to use it on Google play, but is there some other company who can promote an app video? I am not looking for a company, who can produce the app video. It is already finished.

I wish I had read this thread yesterday, because, yesterday I paid them to review my app (both iOS and Android version).

I did, however, do some research about appeggs, and I do not think they are spammers. If you go to alexa you will see that they rank pretty high: The global rank for this forum is 29795 and for appeggs is 32870.

Now, I do not know if their review will increase the downloads. But, since they offer me space to advertise my app (with banners), I should see an increase in the downloads.

I will update my post when I have something new

They are spamming a lot these days. I replied them not to bother me but you know how automated emails work.