Video advertising?

Does any know if there is a company that offer video advertising for publishers?

flurry, adcolony, or vungle are the bigger guys

Are AdColony non-skippable video ads compliant with google play ad policy?
Because they pay for watching complete video. In terms of revenue non skippable ad would be ideal…

I know AdColony is compliant with Google through my experience using that platform with my days at Gameloft. They’re the second largest mobile video ad provider after Flurry so I doubt they’ll risk a compliance issue from Google any time soon.

They’re good folks over there, I can personally say they really provide a quality product and revenue source.

Sorry if I misunderstood. If you’re looking to make it so users can’t skip the video - then that’s more likely going against the agreement terms of adcolony. I haven’t used their SDK in a while so best to read through their contract.