Video ads - Pay per display or pay per click?

Hi, I’ve been seeing some apps that encourages the user to watch a full video ad and in exachange the users gets coins or stuff that he uses on the app.

Does anyone know if this ads are pay per display or pay per click?
Has anyone tried this?
And finally which networks offer this?

I tried vungle network they only pay per complete video view with an average $0.005 per completed video view and also my traffic is international you can check some of my stats with vungle

Thanks for your response.

Didn’t know that network, seems to do exactly what I want. :wink:
“Engage users with rewarded content or beautiful interstitials — Vungle gives you the flexibility to monetize content based on your user experience.”

Do you reward users for watching the full video?

Yes vungle is a video network but I got very low earnings so I stopped using vungle and I`m now using non video network because I get more with interstitials