Video Ads Network

Hi, I’m looking for an ad network that will allow me to play video for some currency in game (for example user gets 10 coins for watching an ad). Do you know any networks that have this type of ads? (is it even worth implementing?) Is it legal with new google play policy?

Check out Vungle, from what I’ve read they seems really good. However they only offer net 60 which can be a pain. I am also wondering whether it’s legal with the new GP Policy or not and would also like to know what other people think. I know for a fact that My Talking Tom, Beach Buggy Blitz and Subway Surfers use Vungle and award users for watching their videos. However I’m not 100% sure how the “click here and gain 100 coins” button/graphics can look. I’m thinking of having a TV with the text “Click here for 100 coins” when there’s an ad available/cached, and this is exactly how Beach Buggy Blitz have implemented it.

The part of the Ad Policy I’m concerned about is: “Ads must not simulate or impersonate the user interface of any app, or notification and warning elements of an operating system.”

I am using Adcolony . They are good at virtual coins . But payment rate is NET 60 :frowning: . Waiting for first payment

Thanks for the feedback.
Well, I could make a button that says: “watch a short video for x coins” so I think it would be pretty clear. @metinogtem could you tell me more about AdColony? What is the fillrate and ECPM? I’ve read a lot that android doesn’t have as many video ads as iOS.

I am using both IOS and Android .

IOS ecpm : 8.30$ - 8.90$ and Fill Rate : %60-%80
Android ecpm : 7.3$ - 7.60$ and Fill Rate : %70 - %90

Revenue depends on complete video . They pay per completed video and user can’t skip that ad until complete .
Fill Rates depens on how many video ad you will show per user . 1 user can see i think max 5 - 6 ads per day .

I am happy to use Adclolony but didnt received payment yet (Net60)

Nice, thanks for sharing numbers.
Do you show ad for example every a few levels or like I’d like to use it - to reward user for watching video with a virtual currency?

I am using for reward

whats the payout per video view? on average?

ecpm means completed video view / 1000

$0.007 per view is not too great, unless your users see the ad 5 times? then it might be ok…

Android ecpm : 7.3$ - 7.60$ and Fill Rate : %70 - %90
7.5 / 1000 = 7,5/1000

yep got it. thanks

I heard Ad Colony is pretty solid although outside of the USA their fillrates drop to the floor as they don’t have adequate international advertisers. I know Airpush recently released their video ad unit but I haven’t tried it yet, maybe I will towards xmas time.

What’s the approximate duration of an video-ad ? And is the payment based on the number of views only or they also take in consideration the CTR and stuff like that?

Approximate duration is 20-25 seconds . Payment based on number of views . I dont know about CTR but they said they pay completed video view

I didnt see huge difference with different countrys . I think they are not thinking about localication . Big companies gives video ads , mostly games (Clash of Clans)

Last time I checked vungle, they wanted to increase the min android sdk level to 11 or 12. What is latest min android sdk level required for their integration.

Personnaly I’m getting super low revenue with Tapjoy, would not recommend it.

More generally I trhink the problem with watch a video to get coins is the lack of inventory, big advertisers are not enough investing in this format.

This is very frustrating because everybody wins (user,publisher and advertiser)

In demo apss 'android:minSdkVersion=“4” android:targetSdkVersion=“14” ’

You can see here :

So does it mean we can use something like “In order to access this content you must first watch this 20 seconds video” . Is this allowed and will it be considered as a full view(for which we get paid) ? Because it’s smells like incentive and not sure if they’re fully ok with it :slight_smile: