very weird payment from admob !

Hello guys, something very weird happened with my admob account today, i received an email and a notification in my account that “Payment for $32.58 by Wire on 2013-09-04, complete” this payment is for July month !! how come this happened ? isnt the minimum $100, i dont have paypal i have wire only, why also is it sent on 4/9 and not 15/9 ? i dont get it ! :confused:

the same here. but in mine it says payment have been made via wire… Why would they send 33$…
After some research, I came out to idea. I did not see my country in any eligible payment countries. So, seems they will email in one day and say we are no longer supporting devs from your country. Yeah… this kind of progress sucks though. lets see what will happen.

No. no please don’t say that :D, i made my first couple of thousands dollars for my first time , they wont pay me them :o ?

this is what i get, lol
Payment for $28.38 by Wire on 2013-09-04, complete

are they kidding, wire payment fees might be more than 28$

Old or new Admob? Limits have been lifted for the old Admob to flush out all the cash. Payment has been processed now, it will hit your account on 9/15. Does that make sense?

It’s the old admob, new admob is not available at my country yet, how ever u say the limits have been lifted ? so if one have earnings of 1 dollars they will still send it ? and if i understand right you mean that the payments takes time to process, so if they start it on 4/9 it will appear on my account on 15/9 ?

There or abouts like.

sorry ? i didn’t get that ?


Look at this place
Go through EFT, Checks, Western Union Quick cash and if u will not find your country listed in any of them, then u can say bye bye to Admob. This is simple clearance from Admob side. After that u will not be able to use admob, if u r unable to update to one of the NEW eligible payment methods. Simple.

Shit, EFT is not available in my country, however western union is available, damn, i loved that you stayed at home and the money is just added to your bank account lol

i have not upgraded to the new admob, will my earning in the old admob be sent via Wire or with the new payment system ?

They will be send the old way (wire).

What is the compulsion to upgrade to the new admob - from what folks are posting, there are issues with payment options not being available etc. ?

If admob is going to take months to roll out to all countries (as posted in another thread) - then I would guess it would be best to upgrade later (when admob has ironed all the bugs out).