Very high ctr with optimized google refresh rate

Hi, i’m new here and if someone can help me i will stay very gratefull.

I have an app who have ± 250k impressions/day in admob with 45 seconds refresh rate and ctr stay in 0.7% and 0,23 RPM. (I use only banner).
But, with the admob option ‘optimized refresh rate’ i have ± 90k impressions but, the ctr stay in 7% and $2 or $3 RPM, if i continue to use this option ‘optimized refresh rate’ i will have trouble? because i think this ctr and RPM is very, very high, but this happens only when i use the google optimized refresh rate.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry for my bad english.

That’s a nice banner impression rate for one app! If you appreciate my advice please consider PM the sort of niche it’s in.

Well, based on your initial numbers that’s about $60 a day (I’m just assuming you are using $ currency). With the Google Optimised it is $180-$270 a day.
The Google Optimised rate is all on Google’s end, so it’s not like you are doing anything weird yourself. Only knows exactly what that setting actually does as far as I know.

Like you said, 7% is very high for a banner ad though. Maybe try reaching out to the Admob team? They do have a support system:
Click on “Contact us” in the right corner, then fill out the form and describe the issue.

You could try experimenting with the refresh rate yourself? Based on your numbers, the Google Optimised setting is running at around 120 seconds (but that is only the average).

Good luck!

When one moves to Appodeal, they take control over your Admob account (using a browser plugin) and configure the Admob to optimize performance.

Indeed seems to work with 20% more revenue. They create dozens of ad units with several eCPM floors and make them go against each other on auction, instead of refreshing (all set to “Do not refresh”).

Interesting? Could we do the same without Appodeal?

Thanks for the help, i contacted the admob Team, with the optimized refresh rate the revenue increases a lot, about 2/3x , but i’m using 45 Seconds for a while, until google responds to me

Now everyone is curious which niche is yours? Can you share that? Thanks.

It’s a app in Education Category

Did you change a placement of the banner? Maybe the problem that users clicks on banner by mistake? Keep us informed please. Even interesting how their support will explain it.

I think everything should be ok. Google is smart enough to compare refresh rate and ctr of the banners. If one banner is displayed for a longer time then user has more chance to notice it and click it. If you refresh banners very often then a lot of them won’t be noticed by the user. I am curious about “accidental clicks”. If your app may lead to such clicks then I guess same banner will be clicked a lot of times and this may cause some problems.

They said it is normal because at times my banner possibly is showing in 120 seconds as the A1ka1inE said and sometimes it is not refreshing.
I noticed that this google optimized rate varies a lot because a few days ago it was totally different, with about 1% ctr and 0.30RPM, and at some moments it goes up too far like in my case.
I think it really all depends on how often the banner is displayed.

An example is that my application has an average of 26,000 sessions a day and an average of 8 minutes per session with a refresh rate of 1 minute would be 208k impressions per day (8x26), and probably an RPM of 0.40 ± but, if it had no Update? It would be 25k impressions but the RPM and CTR would probably be pretty high anyway.

About the banner position, its in bottom, i use ionic and i use the admob-plugin bottom default banner in all app life time and my month acidental clicks is ever < 1%.

Anyway i don’t think a high refresh rate good for my apps, the only time it worked was with the admob optimized option, not in the manual option.