Very good experience with MobFox

On latest weeks i’m experiencing excellent result with mob fox ad network, so i will share my good experience with you. I earned about 3 times more than Google’s Ad Mob.

You can take a look at Mob Fox Mobile Advertisement Platform here:
MobFox | The Open Mobile Advertising Platform.

And you have registered specially to tell us about it? Seems+legit+_77813742ca6119209213b022fd3aba5a.jpg

This has to be a joke… :smiley:

No i don’t, but i’m an android developer (a small one) from a lot of time (my dev account), i was following this forum from a long time ago, when i decided to put some ad on my apps i read these forum pages and that was helpfull, and now i want put my contribute. If you do not appreciate it just read something other…

Anyway thanks to all of you for the good welcome messages… From now on i will take my experience for me only.

Mobfox started an affiliate program today. So unfortunately we’ll probably start seeing these positive little blurbs about it

Perhaps if you had given additional data like long-term eCPM, total impressions and fill rate people would find it interesting.
Spamming your referral link just like that? Useless.

Fillrate 100%. Total impressions? It’s absolutely relative so useless to say… Anyway total impressions are about 20000 daily, eCPM last month was 0.86$, CTR is relative so useless, but was on the same period 3.76%

Hahahaa! So you are not from mobfox - you are just simple and stupid guy which want to make big money from referral:) Good luck! :smiley: But please do not create spammy threads - if everyone would do like you - this forum would be useless

P.S. Yes, I know that beblablablasoft will dislike all my posts. You don’t have to do this everytime and spam my notifications;)

affiliate program make many people tell good about Mobfox :rolleyes:
They send me some email about this too

Been using Mobfox for more than half year, it is OK, but not as great as you tell. Recently, Mobfox still haven’t pay February payment to me. This is my honest experience with it.

In the last four months I have no problems this payments from MobFox. But earlier this year, I also had problems with some delay of payments. MobFox is quite good advertising network with ecpm as in InMobi. In addition, they have the opportunity to try about 20 other advertising networks without installing their sdk (you need install only MobFox SDK).

Can’t say for Android, but on Windows Phone mobfox is quite good, and also the only advert provider which has paid me on time every month. Fillrate is not 100% , but after some time in the industry, I tend to prefer reliable paying networks. Their mediation is very good too. (their interface could be way better though)

I don’t agree on that. I used mobfox for my Windows phone apps too, and the fillrate/ecpm is terrible. Yes, the mediation is good, that’s the only use of mobfox. Also, recently they are delaying payments, support ticket didn’t get reply, is it really good of you?


I am having one new windows phone app , what network(s) you suggest for advertisement, I tried pub-center but it’s like waste of time.

thank you

Do they support new google play services for mediation? for admob?
Also I am having one new windows phone app , what network(s) you suggest for advertisement, I tried pub-center but it’s like waste of time.

thank you

Hi shuiwo and gen.

Well, my fill rate is quite good but maybe it’s because I cherry pick which advert provider to use per country, so I may have a distorted view of the fill rate depending on the download distribution (i.e. I remember mobfox for US and Brazil fillrate was almost zero). Maybe my payments are not delayed because they’re a low amount (~400$/mo) but I’ve received each and every payment so far.

Gen: I use mobfox,smaato, inneractive, komli, pubcenter and admob (only for wp8 projects). Pubcenter is very good for US and Italy, and from time to time in India, so I’m using it there, but almost useless anywhere else. Smaato and inneractive have big delays from time to time (fighting smaato right now). Komli is good for asian countries, but I’ve yet to receive a payment from them. Pubcenter decides from time to time that my account is weird and needs to be inspected, so they delay the payment.

Having the ability to change ad providers without updating the app is a big feature in WP, because once you see they stop paying you, you shift your ads to another provider and tell them you’ll keep using them until they fix your payment issues. It’s so sad to have to do this, but it works.

Admob for wp8 right now is the way to go for me if my project is WP8 (not there for WP7) but the implementation is so bad, so slow and so disruptive, that makes making games running smooth an impossible task. And they’ve had a bug for 4 days which reduced CTR to 0.

@gen Check out AdRotator and AdDuplex, you need to use more than one ad network for profit maximization.
@KakCAT I used all the ad network you mentioned except komli. Agree on you that smaato and inneractive are having delays from time to time. For me, vserv for wp7 project give me the highest cpm among all (4x to 5x higher than other) on one particular app, and they pay quite on time, however for other apps it doesn’t perform well.

Thank you KakCat for kind revert.
It may sound fool question but Since I am new to windows,
What method do you use support multiple platforms?
I use admob as mediation in other network , but as peer my knowledge , admob does not support mediation on windows.

Thanks again,

Hi shuiwo,

I haven’t used vserv, I’ll have a look at it! IIRC it was included in mobfox’s mediation.

Hi gen,

I use a custom method, but as shuiwo said, AdRotator does that.

Check these links: Windows Phone ? Getting Started - AdRotator - The AdRotating solution for your apps & games Windows Phone ? Getting Started - AdRotator - The AdRotating solution for your apps & games (unfortunately I have no experience with AdRotator, as I built my custom system before I knew it existed)

You’re right, Admob mediation does not work on WP8 (and considering the first beta version was released 8 months ago and hasn’t been updated yet, it probably won’t in a long time)

p.s. sorry for hijacking the thread :slight_smile: