V-Star Mobile Calling App Finally Out!!!!!!

Hey guys I really think you should check out this app. It is great for online dating and other online actions where you don’t want to post your real number but still have the ability to communicate offline.

It is put out by a company backed by tech gurus Joe Abrams, Nolan Bushnell, and John Fanning.

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V-Star provides an Android user with a real phone number for free calling among subscribers and hidden calling to non-subscribers. It is especially useful for people who need a different phone number for a social network site, online buying and selling, a second business or online dating.

The V-Star app provides free voice calls and text messaging to other app users, in addition to a variety of paid calling plans for users that want a temporary phone number to connect outside of their comfort zone. When users install the app, they are given a choice of several robust plans:

World 500/60 – Users can calls 60 countries for 500 minutes for only $5.95 a month

U.S. & Canada 300 – Users can call for 300 minutes to phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada for $5.95 a month

U.S. & Canada 1200 – Users can call for 1,200 minutes to phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada for $19.95 a month

Unlimited 60 – Users have unlimited monthly calling to phone lines in 60 countries for only $29.95 a month

Pay and Go – No monthly charge, just top-up your account with amounts from $1 to $50 and pay the low per minute calling rate

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