Using These ASO Tutorial to Get 10 Millon+ App Installs

More and more brands every day are opting for including mobile apps in their digital marketing strategies. A good design and the experience of users are key to conquer a user’s phone, but creating an awesome app is only half the job done, you also need to have a great promotion plan up your sleeve to make it known.
Here is some ASO tutorial for you to promote your app and get more app installs.

  1. Attractive Icon
    The app icon is the first thing for the potential users to locate your app in the search results after searching your app name. An attractive icon can make a deep impression on users. A great app icon should be simple, memorable and beautifully designed, and it should convey the main purpose of the app .
  2. Localization
    Users prefer to spend time on mobile games and apps that are in their native language. It’s a great deal less expensive and time-consuming to localize your existing app or game than it is to create a new one.
  3. Qualified App Ratings and Reviews
    Ratings and reviews are a natural way to increase app installs. A higher-rated app with more reviews will rank higher than other apps in its category. Potential users browsing app stores may also be influenced by high ratings, leading to an increased amount of conversions.
  4. Regularly Update and Upgrade
    It will make your users feel they are concerned, their problems are fixed and their suggestions are adopted. This will be helpful to encourage them to stick and engage with your app. What’s more, the app store will think you are doing a great job to your app.

App promotion is a constant process. You can have a try of these ways, and you will find you can get more app installs after doing it. Don’t miss if you want to get success in mobile app marketing.

CPI, CPA, High Retention and Keyword services.

Setting the goal to reach target audience - the developer needs to think properly about app promotion in Store.

The Store promotion includes the several goals:

1) Boosting Installs. The core goal for any developers is driving as many installs as they can. The installs is the key factor of traffic generating. The more traffic app’s got - the higher position app gains in ranking position, so the wider audience is reached and you have more revenue accordingly.

  1. Brand spreading. The Google Play is the huge market for client inquisition. Launching your app in this Store - put in effort to make your brand at high level appealing and reflecting the valuable concept. Here I am talking about the design (the most of users are visuals and assess your app according to your design quality. Also it would be good on you if you have work hardly on keyword optimization (ASO) as the majority of traffic comes from app Store result page. So when your app will be suggesting in result according to certain user’s request - you app will confirm its brand and having well design will catch the eye of user and have a whole lot of chances to increase conversation due to fine design and decent ASO process.

In conclusion I need to say that any business can not stand any slowing down and you need to work on new promotion tools and grab revenue from your app.

Wish you a great success!

To Get 10 millon+ app installs, the precondition is that you have a great app.

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