Using SMART_BANNER with mediation?

I’ve been using the banner ad size “SMART_BANNER” from admob.

I want to add a few more networks through mediation, Can I keep on using the Smart_Banner size in my app regardless of the ad network?
I doubt any other network supports Smart banners, so what will happen if the other networks sends ads to my app and the banner is of different size?

Any other way to use correctly sized banners with mediation?

Smart banners aren’t supported with mediation. You’ll either not serve other networks ads or you will just receive errors/no ads.

As far as I know, with Admob mediation you just have to stick to a certain banner size between all mediated networks.
I don’t use mediation much anymore though, so I could be wrong.

that certain size is usually 320x50 for most mediation platforms.