Using publisher IDs from one Admob account on multiple Google Play accounts?

Is there anything wrong with that? Would Google quickly ban me?

Creating a new Admob account for each Play account is too much work.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster

That would get you banned within no time at all.

It’s against policy to have more than one Play account and more than one Admob account. If you bring the two together then you are just asking to get banned across the board. You would lose both Play accounts and the Admob account.

I have read the policy and could not find anything forbidding to have 2 accounts on admob or google play. Could you please link to the page stating this rule?

Sorry, I was just assuming @transistor was asking in regards to having a banned account and creating a new one.
I meant that if you have been banned on Admob you are not allowed to create a new account, as is the Play Store policy.

If you are just creating new accounts with either service and your other account(s) are in good standing then there is no risk of getting banned AFAIK.
I’m not sure why you would want to create multiple accounts unless you are at risk of getting banned/are already banned though…

Because @ some point an account isn’t an account anymore it becomes an asset…Seriously…If you have 5M users on 1 account, Google can ban it at any time…they don’t give a crap about you, you’re users or you’re app.

I take it you’ve experience this?

And not to be a douche, but you just re-enforced what I said: being you would only create a new account if you’re at risk of getting banned.
If you were making a new account to lessen the risk of losing your users in one go due to a ban, then you shouldn’t use one Admob account between the 2(or more) Play accounts.

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