User base might increase if App icon is changed ????

  1. Have any of have tried changing the App Icon of your best app ?

  2. Idea is to bring focus on new updated app and its new features and known bug fixes which was uninstalled by user earlier. He/She may not install it again as long as App icon is old and he has earlier impression about the app.

  3. Of course it may confuse the existing users with new App icon on their screen. But it could be solved by sending them pop-up when update is given.

Your feedbacks are highly appreciated on this. Thanks in advance.

The idea is good…one of my app with top 5 in search results in many countries which get me daily 8-10k downloads . I changed the app icon and my downloads are decreased by 20% and I lost top 5 search results in some countries…

One more thing user will give 1* rating if he thinks he’s again installed the same app which he uninstalled before…

Try your luck and let us know…

Just try using Google Play store listing experiments.

There you can test up to 3 new icons and see which one performs better. It’s easy and a free way to get more installs.

My recommendation exactly!