User acquisition AND retention at USD 0.11c per user


Apployer is the first platform that offers downloads for your app on Google Play at as low as USD 0.11c, but goes a step further - with user retention. The cost for your download is passed on to the user via Paypal. After the download, the user is further rewarded for keeping your app on their phone and engage with it. For example, keeping your app on their phone for a couple of days, or completing a level, sharing, etc.

Also, users are notified by GCM notification when your app is added, which means you literally have an instant user base.

With a small budget, you can get yourself onto the next tier on Google Play, have brilliant ratings because of the user retention and shape your user behaviour by rewarding specific behaviour. Go take a look on

What daily volume can you provide?

nice idea but on their gplay app they still have low number of users 1000-5000 so I don’t think that for the moment they can offer more than some hundred of downloads in total… :frowning:

  1. Do we have to integrate your SDK to track rewards?

  2. Are points deducted upfront before users complete rewards? If collected upfront, what if users end up not completing rewards? If not collected upfront, what if I run out of points?

  3. Any free points to test drive the service?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


  1. No, not for pure downloads/installs. For custom actions to work, yes: there are 4 lines of code (a simple broadcast with no API dependencies)
  2. Developers buy points (credits) - they are deducted from as downloads occur, or at the moment when custom actions occur. You can pause the campaign at any point, and these credits will be available for other campaigns.
  3. Well, hmm, contact me: [email protected]

Well, this is true, and probably a fair point - however, we have partnerships, and throttle the users based on supply of app campaigns - we can adapt fairly quickly!

Although we are quite new and do not really have enough data to give you maximum daily volume figures, I’d suggest trying a smaller one, and adapt your campaign size along with our user base - they are quite fierce, dedicated and not unlike hungry wolves at the moment, and we are getting in a good sturdy stream of users in now after some very successful campaigns. A ‘reasonably sized’ campaign is currently completed within 2 hours, because we send out a notification and downloading occurs fairly instantaneously. Give us a go, is all I can suggest - a very low minimum requirement and low risk entry for $22-30 to try us out. That’s it - hope to see you in our logs!

By the way, we are carrying on hard to also enable geo-targeted campaigns, where campaigns can be enabled for an exclusive list of countries. We have had a brilliant day today with user numbers just short of doubling.

Hello again, I hope this isn’t too spammy, but this is just to let you know that we’ve had a very good amount of users joining us, so we can increasingly offer bigger daily install volumes. Contact me at [email protected] for a freebie try-out.

Have a look here if you are interested: