[Useful content] High-paying alternative to in-app ads! MAX revenue, ZERO efforts

Hi developers,

if you are looking for new high-paying app monetization alternatives, data monetization can be something for you.

  1. In this article you will find EVERYTHING you need to know about data monetization and how it works —> App Monetization with Data: A Guide for App Developers

  2. In my latest article, I compared app monetization with ads with data monetization. In-app ads vs. Data Monetization: which one is better?

  3. You can also watch the recording of our webinar where you’ll find more interesting facts about data monetization.

Have you already tried data monetization? it seems that it would be one of the top trends in the mobile industry in 2019…:o

All the best!

It is good. But the problem is most of the networks pay only for USA users!

Yes, that’s true. As data monetization is only getting the pace, mobile apps with Tier 1 users have higher chances to monetize their data for higher rates. However, I believe that the interest to other regions (especially Asia) will grow in 2019-2020.
Anyway, you can ask our team to estimate your future earnings (with your active audience) and decide, whether data monetization is worth trying.

Good luck! ^)