[Useful Content] 5 MAIN advertising trends for Android apps in 2019

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Just before 2019, I’ve put together 6 key factors that will most likely influence your mobile marketing strategy and help you earn more in upcoming year.

  1. Growth of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    The AI market is growing fast and expected to exceed $100 billion in 2025. According to Gartner, the top-200 largest companies in the world will fully rely on apps based on AI and machine learning technology. AI services help identify hidden patterns while cutting out manual work: evolution of AI enabled app developers to implement this technology into their app without the help of data scientists. Together with Machine learning, AI helps with getting real-time stats and valuable insights about any and all data.

2. Personalization vs GDPR

Personalized experience is important, but so is privacy.
The Salesforce study shows that 65% of users believe personalization enhances their brand loyalty. At the same time, users value data privacy. This caused a controversy in the online ecosystem: companies like Google or Facebook asked for private information to “provide a better and more personalized user experience”. On the other hand, the GDPR implementation forced Europeans and the rest of the world to clarify WHICH information is gathered and WHAT will be done with it.
Users believe that GDPR won’t drastically affect personalization and it will remain a continuing trend for 2019.

3. Monetization methods are evolving

[b]Data monetization[/b] is among the latest monetization trends that gained popularity 2 years ago. It’s the process of gathering, analyzing, transferring, and the segmentation of non-personal information about app users. Data monetization has proven to be a valuable source of additional revenue for apps with high DAU and operating in Tier-1 countries.
Being fully GDPR compliant, data monetization requires users’ consent before starting the process of data gathering.

4. Simplifying the UX

A simplified UX helps users navigate quickly and find exactly what they’ve been looking for.
Mobile app design needs to predict user behavior, be clean and provide holistic mobile experiences for their app users.

5. Android Instant Apps: Web + App United
Android Instant app is a new Google Play feature that enables the user to benefit from the features of an app without needing to download the app. All you have to do is click on a web link and then your Chrome browser will start to download and run a specific part of an app with all of its functionality.
Instant apps can work as a Freemium app monetization model: the app developer could choose to deliver only a few features to a user and then lock the rest of the app until the user downloads it.
Instant apps are the real-world example of the evolution of the online experience.

What are your predictions for 2019? Please share in comments and let’s discuss!