Usage of developers in a bad way

Most of the ad networks promise 60-80% revenue share, but in fact they deliver only small amount of that. I think the hard part is from the developers - making nice apps and delivering the impressions, but in return they get only 15-30% revenue share. We should somehow try to fix this problem, by boycotting for some time, or asking to increase revenue and etc.

Some examples:

Tapjoy: minimum bid is 0.10$, and minimum earnings from user’s download is 0.03$ (so, 30%)
Revmob: with them I use to have 0.0015 - 0.0025$ CPC. I don’t know how much they charge from advertisers, but even if it is only 0.01$, it becomes 15-25% (but it is even hard to believe that it is 1 cent)
Polfish: for advertisers it is 1$ per question, and they give 0.32-0.33$ to developers (so, 32-33%). I didn’t want to add polfish to this list, as they are unique in their market, delivering different way of monetization, that doesn’t overlap with normal ads and the fact that 0.32$ per survey for a developer is not bad. But from my experience, they have enough publishers, but they don’t have enough advertisers, so maybe changing the price from 1$ to 0.7$ (maybe even 0.5$) will bring them more advertisers, at least until they are known worldwide.

Of course, there are many examples (even from ones that everybody trust and love), I just didn’t want to make it long…

appbrain minimum cpi for advertisers is $0.20 but the payout for publishers I heard is about $0.17? can anyone confirm?

yes, but do you really have the time or want to go around looking for ‘brander’ advertisers? like at&t and proctor and gamble. and the state companies over here in Ireland. that’s the dumb money that everybody wants.

then other ads are affiliate offers where there’s 4 parties getting their piece. aff networks, affs, offer owners and ad networks. YOU can be the affiliate if you want to spend the time. i’ve a custom mopub implementation taht first queries my server for an ad, and just shows mopub if no response or response too slow. i don’t bother running aff ads though as i don’t have the time. i don’t mind giving up 50% of the revenue as i can’t do everything.

Source? I haven’t come across a single instance of an ad network openly disclosing a revenue share percentage.

@georgiecasey, actually 50% is ok, the problem is most of them offer only 10-30%, and it can get less day by day, as big networks grow and it is getting hard for new networks to appear because of “trust” problem.
@Skurry, I don’t have source for that. I just saw it in many threads in different forums. I saw that many representatives offer “up to 60%”, “up to 80%” and etc. revenue share (but of course, “up to 60%” means that you will never get more than 60%, but it can also be 10%).

Hello @Javanshir. Thank you for your post, I just wanted to mention here that the business model that pollfish works is different than current widespread ad networks. Pollfish is a platform for market research companies to perform surveys. Pollfish provides added value upon these surveys back to market researchers with analysis, processing of the data etc. Additionally Pollfish delivers gifts to people participating in the surveys. Therefore you cannot judge the model only by the percent that the developer gets. We are working hard to bring more and more companies on the platform and keep our developers happy! Feel free to ask any questions, we are here to create something that will stay in the long run :slight_smile:

I think the biggest issue which may or may not be apparent in all ad networks is that they can adjust eCPMs themselves.

The data is all run through their servers after all.

So for example the current campaigns may be under performing for advertisers, which affects how much the network pulls in. They can quite easily offset the loss against the developer’s revenue share.
The developer would see nothing more than a drop in eCPM, which is a common occurrence with most ad networks.

I’m not saying that ad networks to practice this, but a few definitely seem to from what I’ve seen.

Of course there is nothing the developer can do against that - you signed an agreement. The rates you get are the rates you get.

Just be thankful that there is competition in the mobile ads industry. It could have easily turned into a Monopoly.

Agree with alkaline. Even a drop of $0.01 in ecpm across all developers will earn/save them huge money to offset their losses.

@andreasv, yes, that’s true. I mentioned, that with polfish it is a bit different situation. But I think you should consider advertising, as many companies don’t know anything about existence of polfish. And maybe decreasing the price for poor countries. As in poor countries, if you give 200$ to someone, they will deliver you 500 questionnaires in couple days :slight_smile: