Upgrading to new admob for indian user, some queries...

hello friends,
I have two very important doubts.
1.I am using admob sdk in my application and using old admob, now if i don’t want to update this app in future, is upgrading to new admob necessary? and will ads will be shown in my app after 31 august? (if i don’t upgrade to new admob)
2.If i want to upgrade to new admob, it asks me to create adsense account, which further asks me to create a blog, then again it denies me for signing up for adsense saying my blog is not eligible for adsense…

now what should i do?

upgrading to new admob interface is must criteria to get ads after 31 august.

adsense account is required with new admob intetface. not sure what do u mean my blog. i have adsense account without any blog.

adsense wasn’t letting me sign up without any home url, and it prompted me to create a blog on blogger.com and put that as home url.

any help …??

reply pls… @javaexp
i have now upgraded to new admob now, and my earnings are showing 0.00, there are about 1000$ in my old admob,

  1. when will they start showing in new admob…??
  2. how will i be receiving my earnings from old admob…?
  3. do i need to update my app??

I upgraded to new admob yesterday. followed their procedure step by step.

My apps are shown immediately in new admob. though revenue took 3-4 hours to get reflected. but only shows the new earnings. no old data.

your old admob earnings will be received as per normal schedule.

you need not to update your apps with legacy ad units.

thank you…:)…will tell after my earnings starts showing up in new admob…:slight_smile:

update - it has started showing up in new admob, but in dollars…although i have selected INR…is this the same for you…?

I second gcc

I selected US dollars and seeing my revenue in dollars only.

I am habitual to get my salary in dollars only, never got in INR. thats the reason.

I get new admob from May, 2014. And receiving my old earnings as per normal schedule.

Now this time I should get my first payment from new admob but in new admob I can’t see my earnings of May, 2014 in my account settings, I can see it on my dashboard but can’t see in payment.

I also can see my June, 2014 earnings in account settings. So I think there is a problem for one month earning of new admob.

Anyone having this same issues??