Upgrade your Google Mobile Ads SDK to ensure ads keep serving after 23 Jan 2018

Hi All,
I got following email from admob just now saying that need to update the Google Mobile Ads SDK. It should be more than 7.0.0
But as i remember we all arre using Google Play Services now and that automatically takes care of Google Mobile Ads sdk.

Do we need to do anything on this. here is the email.

Yep, I also got this. Anyone knows which admob sdk version is in which google play services? I used GP services instead of standalone admob sdk and i don’t know which sdk version I’m using

I think it’s referring to the Play Services version? You can use any version you want as far as I know, so this shouldn’t be an issue really. I could be getting mixed up though?

I got it too, 7.0 version release on 2015‑02‑03 for ios and 2015‑03‑19 for Android, it quite old and they decide to stop it. It is admob version, not Play Services

It was referring to standalone admob sdk. If you are using admob from google play service, you don’t need to do anything.

Don’t forget, not only does Enhance save you time with integration, we also make sure all of our supported SDKs are up to date. This means all you have to do is Enhance your app again to update admob or any other SDKs with a new version. Update multiple SDK in a few minutes.

Follow the link for more info : http://fgl.io/mmwa2


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