Updates & Promotions on Other App Stores by SendDroid

Hello Developers,

A quick update from our side.

  1. We’re going to release our SDK in a few days. If you cannot wait till then, you can contact your AM or pm me here to get the SDK sooner. The only problem would be that while you’d be able to add Banner Ads in the code, they won’t be activated in the Dashboard until next week. Normally we would not release SDK prior to all the related tasks being completed but since some of you have many apps, we understand the need to get this sooner.

  2. Developers who rely completely on Out of App ads, we have a solution in place for you as well. While there will be more stuff in development, we have something you can immediately use to ensure monetization until then.

  3. Promotions on Other App Stores: We previously encouraged you to explore alternate stores to market your apps where you can still use Push/Icon Ads. we’re offering a great deal for you to get downloads there. You can load up a campaign on SendDroid to promote your apps in those stores and we will match your budget. So if you start with $100, we’ll add $100 from our side to make it a total of $200. This offer is not valid for every single Developer but we will try our best to accommodate as many as possible. This should help you get more downloads in alternate App Stores should you want to use Push & Icon Ads.

There will be more information coming soon and I’ll keep you guys posted.


Outside Play Store and Amazon App Store, volume is very low.
Also these app stores has downloads mostly in less ad revenue generating countries.

I can see how it is in Interest of Intrusive Ad networks but hard to imagine how it would benefit developers. It adds negative value to developers by taking their focus away from playstore (And Amazon App Store, Samsung App Store).

ok banner ads are new. Interstitials are already there. Good.

Pls. add mediation with mopub. Using Banner and interstitials as developer without mediation is a suicide these days.

Noted. Thank you javaexp

We’ll get on this. :slight_smile:

I concur. Having an official adapter to use SendDroid with MoPub mediation (including interstitials) would make life much easier for me too.
Looking forward to seeing further updates in this space!