Updated Google - Compliant SDK v1.4.9 by Appwiz - Aug 2013

Hello everybody!

We are happy to release our new SDK, completed in order to be fully compliant with the Google Play Developer Program Policy of Aug 23, 2013.

All you need to do is sign in to your Appwiz account:

  • Download SDK
  • Follow the SDK PDF for easy and simple integration
  • Start monetizing your Apps using the compliant Appwiz monetization tools

For more information - pls email us at : [email protected]

Let Monetize :slight_smile:

Good Luck

I have an app that not publish on Google Play, so I do not need to update new SDK?

Hey Alexandre,

We are encouraging all of the developers to upgrade to the new SDK, regardless where the apps are marketed in order to improve monetization and user experience, so even if you are not marketing via Google Play, we ask that you carry out the update.


also Alexandre,
Can you e mail me your query again- [email protected]- will reply today!:slight_smile:

I just emailed you.

One more question, IF I keep using your Old SDK, do I earn money anymore? I’m so tired of updating my apps over and over again.

From google policy:
•Apps and their ads must not add homescreen shortcuts, browser bookmarks, or icons on the user’s device as a service to third parties or for advertising purposes.

So, would you guys please confirm that the search icon will be allowed and not cause our apps/account to get banned?
I understand AppWiz had 2 SDKs before (one for shortcuts and the 360 with interstitials and exit ad), so now with 1.4.9 do we use ads code only, without search-shortcut (for apps in google play)?

Hi there, i have been on touch with AppWiz and for what they said the new sdk will only change the browser´s home page, they said their new SDK is Google compliant and after reading carefully the new Google Policy i see also that they don´t disallow the change of the browser homepage if of course the user has been made aware of it.

So from now on there will be only the 360 SDK. My only problem is that they show some dating ads and i am not so sure the correct app rating for that? They said its safe to put content rating for everyone altough

I heard that they got rid of the dating ads or something in another thread. I mean I’ve seen dating ads on Admob banners before, so I don’t think we can ever depend on a network not to let some ads slip through.

Does anyone know how much the Maturity rating affects installs? I can’t imagine it makes much difference.

Now all Appwiz need to do is to sort out the Paypal recipient fee issue.

Nope, they did got rid on nude ads that were showing without them knowing about it, but not the dating ones