Up to $600 Bonus?! What do you think???

Hi Friends,

I just got this email from Mobario which they are offering a very nice bonus.
What do you think?

Hello Nikky,

It has been a while since my last email.
We have made some very big changes to our In-App Plugin and we have a new Bonus plan!

5 Facts about Mobario:

  1. Mobario’s Plugin will keep your users 4X longer in your app
  2. Allows your users to multi-task with other apps on their device while in your app
  3. Saves development time for you (the developer)
  4. Works with Unity, B4A, and others
  5. We pay per every install of your app: $50/1000 Installs -> USA; $10/1000 Installs -> non-USA

See our YouTube: MOBARIO for Android Developers - YouTube
Login here: https://www.mobario.com/login.php

This is our On-Top Bonus plan!!! (No Adult apps Please)
If you reach: (by the end of February)
25,000 installs = $100 Bonus
50,000 installs = $250 Bonus
100,000 installs = $600 Bonus

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Elad - VP of Developer Relations
Skype: Mobario_Support

First of all, I’m not a developer, but I’d say any promotion is an opportunity.

Having said that, promotions don’t always fit all the developers a certain network has. Any chance to make extra money is good.

I don’t like this company. They will get you banned, like they did me.

is Mobario google compliance?

Never trust mobario they will get you banned in google play

I understand what you are saying.
I had a suspension because of them last month due to Ad Policy.
They claimed to have fixed the issue. Ad Policy is a relatively easy fix.

Plus all the networks here on this forum have had Bans and Suspensions: AirPush, StartApp, Appwiz, PingJam, TapContext and others. But we all work with them!

I would like to hear more opinions from additional developers.
How is working with them now? If so what do you think?

before the new google policy they’re doing great. But since Google Play banned their jar file, You shouldn’t really try them unless they changed the whole jar.
And in their new email, they doesn’t even mention it is comply with the Google policy. So use at your own risk.

Hi @ubeyou,

Thank you for your business in the past.
Since the warning by Google, we made some major changes:

  1. The Mobario SDK is only In-App
  2. The jar file has been changed and is now unique
  3. We have put in place safe-guards for our advertising

Additionally, although we are strictly In-App, our payout is exactly the same as before and even higher with our new promotion.

I hope to see you back in our community making $$$

Sincerely yours,

hi mobario
i am a newbie here and i can across this post while searching on google.
can you give more information on how this works?

This works like this: You install their SDK and get banned