Unwritten Rule

Time for me to share again. Why are some developers so keen on install,review etc service?
For some, it could be their apps loaded with ads are using CPI, PPI model etc
So assume we do simple maths. We pay for install service at a price of 50.
If the CPI, PPI rates offered by the ad network is good, it will easily be earning more than 50. Then your profit will be total minus 50 you fork out for install service.
The downside to this game is most likely install service companies want payment upfront. So you need to fork out the amount FIRST.
Then you wait for the ad revenue to reflect on the ad network developer dashboard.
Since it is also possible the ad network detect the fraud install,clicks, then the strategy is looking for faster payout and higher pay rate.
So it is an unwritten rule that faster payout and higher pay rate is important in this game.
If the ad network manage to detect and ban, you create another account or look for alternative ad network.
Such a game is risky but worth the while it seems. Business for install,review etc service companies is going on strong.

So the link is this. Developer -> Install,review companies -> end user paid to install -> ad revenue to developer -> ad network pay to developer
The last link is crucial and if ad network ban or refuse to pay, then developer lose big.

My thinking is if earn monies is what you are after, online casino is much faster. Why go through such a round-about way to earn monies ?
Now google is imposing rating system, your apps will be driven underground to third-party stores. Rules keep changing.

I am not saying all developers are like that but you cannot deny they do exist. There is a reason why install,review etc companies are surviving as the demand is out there.