Unusual activity in ratings for my game

In the past 24 hours i’ve been experiencing a very strange activity in one of my game’s ratings.

Throughout the day I’ve been getting a lot of new ratings (started with 110 and went to 190) and now all of a sudden they dropped back to around 100.

I didn’t try to add any fake reviews myself nor do I have knowledge of someone trying to do it so I am confused about what could be going on.

Anyone else had a similar experience?

I had something similar happen to me a week ago. I got more than 100 “1 star” reviews in one day on an app that shouldn’t be getting bad reviews at all for any reason. Then they magically disappeared after 2 days…It could be a competitor paying for bad reviews and then they got flagged by Google. Were they high, or low?

i too had similar experience for my app.ratings went from 70 to 105 and when i saw it next day it was 75.Although my app is not a game.I don’t know how thi s happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess google was experimenting something. I had similar experience yesterday. Ratings went from 100 to 140 yesterday 17th Oct and Today on 18th Oct they are back to 100. But then it was only for one app and not for others.

I thought some moron was doing this to me. But now it seems google was doing something with the apps which got good number of downloads in short time recently.

The reviews that I got were mostly positive.

We also noticed rise of ratings, but without comments. It was almost doubled from 14 to 26, but also returned to 14 next day.
We thought it was somehow related to pirated copy of our app which suddenly appeared on many pirated web sites, but seems it was something else.

I didnt suffer from it, but it’s stated on the “Known Issues” page. Don’t you guys read the announcements? :slight_smile:

“We are currently investigating an issue related to unexpected, large discrepancies that Developers are seeing in their daily ratings counts. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this issue.”

@rottz, this notification was pushed today only (with the link). Google pushed it earlier too (some 3 days back) but they forgot to add link. It made me doubt about google’s seriousness for android (web search is their main business). First fake reviews for so many apps and then this notification without link.

Yeah, but they mentioned on the text “known problems on the link below” (or something), and on the footer of the page there’s a link to “Known Issues”. I confess that I wasn’t 100% sure of it, but my understanding was that they were talking about the Known Issues on the footer of the page. Anyhow, now with the link it’s much clearer.

Talking about reviews, you’ve got a 4.9 , thats pretty amazing!

Hehe, most of them are from friends and family that I asked to rate my game. My game is not a 4.9 game for sure. But it is probably a 4.8 game :))

I experienced something similar a week ago, most of the rating were 5 stars and some were 1 stars. 48 hours later Google remove all the latest ratings and several more just to be sure :confused:

My app was banned yesterday.
The reason for removal is:

Developers must not attempt to change the placement of any Product in the Store, or manipulate any product ratings or reviews, by unauthorized means such as fraudulent installs, paid or fake reviews or ratings, or by offering incentives to rate products.
After a regular review, we have determined that a number of your app’s ratings are not genuine. 

But I really did not do this.
Did anyone encountered this problem before? Is it possible to get back the app again? This app was on the Top New Trending Apps.

Google has higher priority developers disney,EA,gameloft,etc. Latetly Google has been having trouble with appstore,youtube,and adsense. I think they have either been under heavy hacker attacks or are testing new algrorythm’s and haven’t found the right one.

This is interesting - what is your download, number of ratings, number of G+ ratings ? Maybe the ratios for these are way off - triggering some alarm at Google Play ?