unpublished app on Google Play - also unpublish on Admob?

I temporarily unpublished an app from Google Play to make some urgent bugfixes. Do I have to delete this app from Admob too or archive all its adUnits?

I heard that Admob stops serving ads to apps which were removed from Google Play and that requesting ads from such an app may even count as a policy violation. If that’s true, do they resume serving ads once the app is re-published on Google Play?
Is it possible to appeal their decision to stop serving ads?

The ads suspension happens long after an app suspension in GP and you are notified about it in your email. I don’t think you need to archive your ad units.

Ad serving can be disabled immediately! I experienced that, so be careful!

Archive the ads (it will stop serving them) and implement new AdMob ID’s once you updated the app. That is if you care about your account…