Unlock application's additional features with Facebook share or tweet

Hi All,

I have a free application published on Google Play. I want to add some new features and ask users to ‘pay’ for them with Facebook shares or tweets.


  1. User updates application
  2. New features are available in settings but they are not active
  3. To activate feature user has to share information about my application on FB or on Tweeter
  4. Only if sharing was successful feature will be available to the user.

For me it seems like a good idea to spread information about application in social media… however I can’t find any ‘out of the box’ solution (library or code). Is there any?

Has anybody tried this approach and was it successful?

Also I tried to assure if this method is compliant with Google Play policy. I’ve read https://play.google.com/about/developer-content-policy.html with great care but I didn’t find any clues. Has anyone got any policy violations emails from Google after implementing this method?

Thanks in advance,