ucweb - anyone used it?

Today I received an email from ucweb browser’s developers offering CPI campaigns for apps.

Does anyone used their services?

Can you quote your email received?

Of course. I received this email:

Hello plicatibu ,

Nice to e-meet you.
I am from UCweb. It is an internet company based in China. Our major product is UC Browser.

I saw your post on makemoneywithandroid forum, 1:1 game rating exchange and 1:1 submission to social tools exchange - Marketing Methods - Making Money with Android , I think you might be interested in offers from UCWeb.

We have campaigns based on CPI as well as traffic-exchange basis. A lot of partners have cooperated with us and they get good earnings as well as good traffic and app installs.

I would like to have a furthur discussion with you about cooperation details if you are interested.

Hear from you soon.


Right after I asked here whether anyone used their services, I sent them this email:


I’d like to know:

1 - which countries can we target?

2 - are the ads for sure showed just to right platform (I mean, just show Android ads for android users, iOS ads for iOS user, and so on)?

3 - which platforms are available?

4 - In case I pick Android platform, are you able to target only users from Google Play? Or you can’t warrant that?

5 - The prices are per country or per Tier?

6 - How much does it cost? What’s the minimum price for CPI?

7 - What’s the minimum budget ?

8 - How much downloads can you drive per day?

9 - May I set how much I want to expend per day?



Their answer:

Hi, thanks for getting back to me.

We are not an adnetwork , instead we are more of an advertiser. However what we counld do is to return you traffic , namely we would prefer to work on cross-promotion. You can promote our major product UC Browser with your traffic, and as a return, we will promote your apps according to a certain exchange ratio.

1 - we can offer you traffic from India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil and middle east. Those are our targeted countries as well.

2 - we only have android traffic.

3 - we can only target to Google Play or your official site. Other app stores are not supported

I would like to have an instant talk with you on skype. Please add me on skype if it is convinient for you. my skype ID is


Note: I removed information that could identify the person which contacted me for a matter of privacy.

Can you ask Ucweb price per install?

According to their email (last one quoted) they don’t ask money but they want to make a cross-promotion. I understand this as I promote them and they promote me.

No, I not use this. But I interested it.