Uberchat(Fast and secure)

Ubernet now comes with a suite of features and helps you:

  1. Manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Tumblr through single app
  2. Optimise RAM, ROM, Cache, Battery and Data usage
  3. Manage all online images through single interface
  4. Post common messages to multiple social networks
  5. Chat with group size of 200
  6. Send files of any type (including APKs and .exe) and any size (upto 2 GB) through chat
  7. Self destruct messages and images sent on chat
  8. Chat in private mode which does not allow copying of images and uses 128 bit encryption
  9. Manage Twitter feed by segregating tweets through customizable groups
  10. Discover restaurant, cafes, pubs, malls and theaters around you
    And all this in just 20 MB App. Download from play store:

Wow, I was looking for some app like that, but I also want to use Yahoo with the same. When will it be included.

We are working on addition of more social networks and services/features. can you please tell us about which Yahoo service you are looking for?

Yahoo Messenger and if possible Ymail too.