Two option to promote your app

I would call your attention to 2 ways for making your app visible: market promotion and social promotion.

First way is intended to focus on the position improvement of the app on market (Google Play). Note that majority of users’ installs come from organic search - so this is the main channel to attract new users. Make your app more visible with A[b]SO procedure[/b]:

- prepare semantic core of keywords, rewrite app’s title and description, use relevant and highly searched keywords in it.

- make a video presentation, high quality icon and screen shorts in order to motivate user to download your app, but not competitors. The user needs maximum 15 sec to make a decision whether to download your app judging your screenshot’s quality.

- make A/B test - whether the campaign has positive influence for user conversation.

- do active promotion - order accompanied campaigns like keyword installs and reviews which improve your search ranking position.

ASO can be conducted by yourself, but fore guarantee better result you need to order reliable service from [b]KeenMobi[/b] and even ASO campaign finishes - the traffic will keep inflow for your app and will make tons of organic installs due to spp’s visibility.

Second way is social, use blogs, forums, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube - any way to make people know more about your app, make the interested in it.

You may start with some things above done by yourself.

For promoting app, get more app downloads and positive reviews&high ratings are two best methods. If you app have many downloads, it can rank a high position in the app store and make more people know your app. The more app downloads your app get, the more app downloads your app will get. Developers can [b]buy app downloads[/b] from a reliable company which can provide real phone users download. They are very professional and have rich experience, they also have money back guarantee.

For getting more positive reviews and high ratings, also can help an app get more downloads and boost app ranking. Data show that nearly 90% users will download the app according to the reviews given by others. It your app have many positive reviews and high ratings, people will download your app. Otherwise they will download others app. Here I recommend you buy positive app reviews from [b]Reviewapp4u[/b]. They can provide high quality app reviews with keywords from real phone users. They have discount these days, you can have a try.

ASOgive possibility to get a lot of organic traffic due to improving your app with keywords.:rolleyes:

App Store Optimization Specialists will find the most searchable terms which are ranked in first queries and guarantee your app will be listed to user who is searching for your kind of app.:cool:

Than collaborate with Influencers , the persons are those who manage a huge audience, they are respected and their followers considered with their point of view. Living in fast-paced and digital time – I strongly recommend to use this brand-new tendency as it efficient and suitable modal for app promotion.:eek:

Thanks for sharing those tips, very useful.

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Really it’s a nice way to promote an app. Thanks for sharing