Two And a Half Weeks with Dibbz

About a month ago, I got an email from one of the Dibbz co founders, Nick Slater, inviting me to try the dibbz ad network in my “Image Converter” App.
They offer rewards to users instead of ads, they come as interstitials. For Example a 2$ Coupon or discount at star bucks. Because of the nature of this kind of system, rewards aren’t always available, each kind of reward is only served to a specific device only a number of times a day.
Anyway, so I liked the idea of my app’s users seeing rewards instead of ads, If i was one of them, id obviously not feel disturbed by them, the way interstitial ads may. I signed up with them and integrated their SDK into my app. Being a new kind of system, they dont have much reward inventory out of The US and UK, and being in Uganda, I couldn’t actually see their rewards, as there no companies offering rewards here. I took a leap of faith. I integrated it in such a way that incase there is no reward at request time, my app will display the usual admob interstitial. This way I wont suffer a fall in views at admob in other locales where there are no rewards.

They promise a 5$ eCMP, thats 5 dollars for every 1000 impressions displayed.
This value is commutative or divisible, I dont know the word, but what I mean is, you dont have to wait till you hit 1000 impressions before you see any income, if youve hit 100 impressions, youll see 0.5 dollars, and 0.05 for 10 Impressions.
They also pay for engagement, that is, when a user say redeems a star bucks reward acquired in the app, they pay, but because this may happens weeks later, you wont see this income for a while but they promise it does come.
I updated my app with their sdk and heres my dashboard for the last 2 and a half weeks.

They still have a very small fillrate, about 40%, and thats in the US. Outside US and EU, its probably nearly zero
Their Dashboard is still developing, so you cant see things like fillrate, impressions etc.
They dont have a well established payment system, their website says they’ll contact you directly for a payment option, but this may also be good news.

I posted this so that those of you who’ve also received invites have some idea from a real developer like you and not some agent promoting an ad network. Personally i like their system, and hopefully with more devs they’ll get more companies offering rewards.
Hope this helps some one.


You have very few impressions, this means that those numbers are not relevant.
What also counts, is to get paid when it’s time, not to have your app suspended by google for ads violation.

but I agree, ads with rewards are a nice thing…

Thanks, I make sure I update as soon as Im paid.
The impressions are still low, the update with their ads only accounts for 10% of my current users.