Twitter Introduces Mobile App Install Ads And Integrated Ad-Buying With MoPub

It looks like there is a new player in the arena ,

Twitter Introduces Mobile App Install Ads And Integrated Ad-Buying With MoPub | TechCrunch

Any idea what are the rates ?

I wonder if Admob reducing revenue maybe because of Facebook and now upcoming Twitter ads ?

If the big app advertisers decide it is better to advertise on Facebook instead of in an app, that could spell trouble for the ad-in-app model ??

Called it back in September:

I should be Twitter’s strategist. :rolleyes:

Facebook advertising is not new. I don’t see why it would all of a sudden change how the advertisers choose to advertise

Facebook is launching a new advertising network from their annual F8 conference this year, so we have another player in town :smiley:

do you think we will get better offers when this happen?

I hope so, for us it means more fill rate and possible incentives to join.

I think folks are ignoring one thing - if advertising moves to twitter and facebook - that is NOT advertising happening through mobile (unless they launch a mobile SDK for showing ads in apps).

What I meant is that if suddently it becomes less effective to target users by advertising in apps - and if advertisers find better traction advertising directly on facebook pages, or on twitter pages/feeds - then the “value” of advertising in apps goes down - and that directly affects revenue/viability of ad-based app publishing.

That’s what facebook is trying to launch, an ad network where publishers will integrate sdk, I guess they’re spin on it is that they will know your apps users by age, interests, gender, and then sell that to advertisers, you will get a 70% standard cut of it as a publisher…,

I personally can’t wait until I can run some CPI campaigns on twitter as an advertiser, it’s gonna be super chap just like fb was a year ago