Trying not to violate GP policies

I have an app that I cannot upload to playstore for some reasons.
So I decided to make another app, put the old one in the “raw” folder and “ask” user to download and install, in case if he needs.
Policies say, “apps that cause users to unknowingly download or install apps from sources outside of Google Play.” But I ask user if he wants or not, twice.

Then my app was banned, with the reason: “app causing users to download apps outside google play is prohibited” - which is not in GP policies.

My question is, if I make an app with webview that opens my website where I teach him how to download the app, is it also going to be banned?

I just saw this app: which is doing what I explained above.

Of course, there are many other apps that store another app inside and ask user to download, but they are still online. I know, this is more about chances, but still asking your opinion

According to me, you can publish your application on GP, i hope your app will not removed by Google Play store.

If you aren’t even sure yourself then better don’t do it. Google is getting really aggressive lately and they might ban the app. Not now, but later when they make their policy even more strict again and this time you won’t only lose your app, but also your account.

I will publish the app and see what happens.