Traveling with 14 month old on plane on long flight

Hi ladies! My son has flown a few times already, but the longest has been 2 hours and he’s been a lap baby.

We’re going on our longest adventure yet in a few weeks, which is a 5 hour red-eye leaving at 10:30pm on Delta, landing at 6am opposite coast, then a 2 hour layover before another 1ish hour flight.

He has his own seat for this as I refused to hold him for 5 hours as at 14 months he’s in the 92nd percentile for height/weight and is the size of a large 2 year old or small 3 year old.

So we’re pro at the checking car seat and stroller, but my question is for a flight this long, should we use the car seat on the plane? We have a Graco extend2fit. If there is a better option or options, we’re happy to look into them as I just want munchkin to do well.

Also, this is a test run as in about 10 months he’ll be on a 11 hour direct flight.

A family member got us one of those inflatable pillows that fills the floor space, are those any good?

Thank you so much for the help, I’ve been looking around at a ton of sites and been driving myself crazy, so I’m hoping you can help!

Hi! Yes, these are good.

Traveling with a 14-month-old baby is very complicated. I don't understand why you chose such a long flight with such a small child. Especially the fact that there are stops is very tiring for you and the child. As for the car seat, you should have one. It is a must.

I did not have such experiences. I didn’t choose to travel with my child when he was small. The maximum where I was traveling was through Germany (where we live) with the trains from DB Fahrplan - Deutsche Bahn Fahrplanauskunft because they are very comfortable and punctual, and we always take that car seat. I knew that flying is far too complicated and tiring when you have a small child.
But I am sure all will be fine. I wish you a pleasant journey without any problems.