Translation Review Swap

hey guys,
i have a great idea,i want translation of as many languages as possible. so any user interested in translating my app description and strings.xml in their native language can contact me.
now the question is what i will be doing in exchange of translation . the answer is:-
1)i will give your app 20-30 5 star rating
2) 20-30 google plus+
3)share your app with my friends if i like it
4) see your app for potential bugs or suggestion.

Maybe is just a misunderstanding, sorry

hey rixchow , i installed your app and started rating today ,and i am sorry as i was not feeling well for two days . i have already given your 3 rating and three g+ and i am now testing your app
Edit: Just completed testing your app it is good graphics are oKK, but the point i think is missing your app will not keep user interested for long. my suggestion is to include a high score db which keep track of users top 3 score and also allow user to have a name and set up google services to allow user to track other user score.
and also have different levels and also difficulty level

I thought you would not gonna keep your promise, like i said before it just a misunderstanding and sorry too